Non Architecture Competition: RE-NATURE ROME

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Non Architecture Competition: RE-NATURE ROME

Non Architecture Competition: RE-NATURE ROME now is over!

Non Architecture Competition: RE-NATURE ROME: Non Architecture (NonA) recently has announced its international architecture design competition titled “RE-NATURE ROME”, asking participants to imagine a new urban model and to promote biodiversity into the specific context of the city of Rome, Italy.

Short description

The “RE-NATURE ROME” has been recently organised by Non-Architecture! Re-Nature Rome is part of the “Cities of Tomorrow” competition series, developed to reimagine urban life through a variety of creative design concepts and ideas.

Participants are asked to imagine a new urban model, to promote biodiversity into the specific context of the city of Rome, Italy. Submissions can be ideas for new green infrastructure, parks, green buildings, or any kind of strategy that would boost biodiversity while enhancing the urban experience of a historical city such as Rome.

Only 2 drawings, absolute freedom of scale, or program. Increasing biodiversity of urban areas requires a great creative effort, trying to find quality in linking nature and the city. Solutions can be focusing on architectural aspects, green urban systems, parks, public space, and the cityscape as a whole. Natural hotspots serve both citizens and biodiversity. On one hand, they can improve air quality, provide quality public space and generate a unique urban experience. On the other, they can create green links, protect different habitats and restore ecosystems for endangered species.

The question is: What kind of role can we play as designers in reimagining urban life? How can we produce new inspiring visions to trigger a discussion around alternative models of living?

Evaluation Criteria:

Innovation - In terms of program management, technology and originality of the formal solution proposed.
Communication - Clarity, appeal and experimentation in the presentation of the proposal.
Relevance - The degree to which the proposal is related or useful to the proposed theme.

The winner will be announced between 9 – 13 August, 2021.

Who may enter?

Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually.


There will be one winner that will receive 1.000 euros, 7 honourable mentions and 6 editiorial pick.

The winners, the honourable mentions and editiorial picks will be published in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website and reviewed in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.

There will be assigned (up to 36 prizes) as well and the finalist will be published in the Non Architecture Journal.

The organization will establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.

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