Non Architecture Competition: “POWERLESS CITY“

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Non Architecture Competition: “POWERLESS CITY“

Non Architecture Competition: “POWERLESS CITY“ now is over!

Non Architecture Competition: “POWERLESS CITY“: Non Architecture (NonA) recently has announced its international architecture competition this time encouraging participants to come up with a visionary concept for life in a scenario where cities, or even individuals, are energy independent.

Short description

Non Architecture (NonA) recently has announced its international design competition this time titled “POWERLESS CITY“.

Powerless Cities is part of the “Cities of Tomorrow” competition series, developed to re-imagine life through a variety of creative design concepts and ideas. What kind of role can we play as designers in reimagining urban life? How can we produce new inspiring visions to trigger a discussion around alternative models of living?

Non Architecture encourages participants to come up with a visionary concept for life in a scenario where cities, or even individuals, are energy independent.

The world is experiencing the first truly global energy crisis in history. Non-renewable energy is highly polluting, and comes from sources that will run out or will not be replenished in our lifetimes - or even in many, many lifetimes - to power our increasingly industrialised society. The challenges faced by the renewable energy industry are many.
Political pressures, government policies, corporate influence, age-old infrastructure, lack of proper battery storage system, and present market scenario stand in the way of a wider adoption worldwide.
Participants are asked to propose conceptual ideas for a scenario where there’s no global energy grid and cities, buildings, units or single individuals, have to be fully energy independent, either through renewable energies or creative new ways of producing and storing it.

Submission requirements:

The participants are asked to submit 1 ZIP folder, containing:

A presentation image (.JPEG) showing the qualities of your design, in one catchy and representative impression.

A concept image (.JPEG) one image to highlight the main approach of the project.

A text document in Word (.DOC), that clearly states:

- the title and subtitle of the project (maximum of 10 words),
- 5 keywords, at least 1 from the given list (page 5-6), that better explain your project,
- a short project description (maximum of 200 words, must be written in English).

A team document in Word (.DOC) with the team’s info in the following format:

- Name + Surname of each team member (separated clearly),
- Nationality (multiple options can be added),
- Institution/company (company or university attended, to be included just in case you want it to be visible once your project is published).

Evaluation Criteria:

Innovation - In terms of program management, technology and originality of the formal solution proposed.
Communication - Clarity, appeal and experimentation in the presentation of the proposal.
Relevance - The degree to which the proposal is related or useful to the proposed theme.

The winners will be announced between 01 - 15 February, 2023.

Who may enter?

Non Architecture Award is open to all human beings from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. Teams can be formed by a maximum number of 4 people.


The first prize winners will receive 1.000 euros, publication in the Non Architecture Competitions book and website, reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs. There will be also 7 HONORABLE MENTIONS, up to 36 prizes for finalists, the SPECIAL PRIZE and EDITORIAL PICK.

The organization might establish additional special prizes and awards during the competition development and in the evaluation phase.

Entry fees:

Entry fee is 40€ from 4 – 31 October. After that period ends the amount of entry fee will increase.

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