Parametric Ideation Competition 2020

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Parametric Ideation Competition 2020

Parametric Ideation Competition 2020 now is over!

Parametric Ideation Competition 2020: The Parametric Design competition 2020, recently opened for entries by EcoLabs and Mistletoe Inc., aims to challenge the pre-existing perceptions of designers by calling them to explore on innovative concepts and sustainable technologies.

Short description

Parametric Design competition 2020 - Project Shea is a joint initiative by EcoLabs and Mistletoe Inc. to bring about a change in the design of future cities with the concept of sharing to sustain.

Cities are home to more than 50% of the world population, which is made up of about seven billion inhabitants. This figure is projected to increase significantly to about 75% by 2050. This means that the majority of inhabitants will be, predicted to live in urban areas by 2050.

The benefits of urbanisation are quite clear, with cities not only being historical and cultural hubs but also the world’s economic hotspots. However, there are also many problems associated with modern cities. With the current growth rate of cities, competition for natural resources has risen to unexplainable levels, resulting in a global resource shortage. Rapid urbanisation has led to increased stress on the existing infrastructures and supply chain, resulting in social changes such as lack of cohesive community.

This brings us to the most important aspect of this project – we aim to redesign the consumption and living patterns of communities to make them self-sustainable and eco-friendly. The implication is to restore the horizontal division of labour and rekindle the sharing spirit that leads to a culture of community living. By increasing the efficiency of resource allocation, we aim to raise the bar for self-sustenance and resilience of cities.
Participants are invited to design using sustainable materials, a robust prototype of self-sufficient dwelling with the potential to expand into a modular community with sustainable materials where individuals can live, work, play and exchange ideas.

The focus of the competition is to adopt a kaleidoscopic, parameter-based approach to conceptualise and design a sharing community for a better future.

Participants are to choose a site area of 3,000 sqm in Southeast Asia and design a self-sufficient community with each dwelling unit of no more than 25 sqm. The dwelling unit will be the starting point for a community to grow and flourish in the future. Participants are encouraged to use out-of-the-box concepts to create resourceful spaces with maximised functionality and minimum footprint.

Submission requirements:

All submissions must include (but not limited to) floor plans, working files, 3d perspectives and montages showing innovative details and integrated aspects of design (A1 – 4 sheets in reference format)

Written report should be a compilation of all the research material, process and references related to the process of the design proposal including the vision, objectives and the technical details of the proposal. Each report is of A-4 size (210×297 mm), portrait orientation and must include the following:

1. A detailed description of the project with a maximum of 3,000 words. Addressing the following aspects:

- Sustainability (including an explanation of  how a sustainability parameter mentioned  above is incorporated in the design  proposal)
- Technical aspect (e.g., energy and  water system), construction and materiality.
- Community Growth Demonstrate the growth from the lowest dwelling unit to a sharing community level.
- Affordability Costing to demonstrate affordability.

2. Images, illustrations, tables, schemes and key drawings and other graphic information may be included in the report

Evaluation Criteria:

Spatial Design - multi-functional use of the space
Sustainability targets – simulation and optimisation of parameters
Cityscape – unit growth to community level
Concept Innovation
Feasibility - buildability

The winners will be announced on 31 January 2021.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to all university students and young professionals below 35 years. A participating team can have a maximum of four members.


The winner of the student category will receive cash prize of up to 3000 SGD and of the Open Category will recive cash prize of up to 2000 SGD.

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