Polestar Design Contest 2024

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Polestar Design Contest 2024

Polestar Design Contest 2024 now is over!

Polestar Design Contest 2024: Polestar, the Swedish brand of high-performance electric vehicles, presents its Polestar Design Contest 2024 in collaboration with Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand, one of the best-selling toy brands in the world.

Short description

Polestar, the Swedish brand of high-performance electric vehicles, presents its Polestar Design Contest 2024 in collaboration with Mattel's Hot Wheels brand, one of the best-selling toy brands in the world.

Launched in 2020, the Polestar Design Contest challenges aspiring designers, both professionals and students, to create exciting visions aligned with the Polestar brand and design. Since its first edition, the competition has highlighted the best talent from around the world, with many of the students going on to work for the Polestar Design team or in the wider professional design sector.

This year's contest asks participants to amaze and fascinate the judges with projects inspired by childhood dreams. Combining Polestar's distinctive design DNA with their conception of the latest collectible Hot Wheels, it promises to be the most ambitious edition of the Polestar Design Contest yet.

Entrants are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible and push the limits of vehicle performance and design in their final presentation. The only requirement is that Mattel be able to translate the final design into a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle, and that images showing the vehicle's interior design and surrounding environment be included in the design.

Shortlisted contestants will be contacted via email on shortly after final submissions are received to be informed that they're progressing to the next stage. They'll then get one-on-one coaching from Senior Design Manager Juan Pablo Bernal and other members of the Polestar Design team. After this phase organisers will notify those who have advanced to the final shortlist and winners will be notified before September 2024.

The winning design will become part of the Hot Wheels offering, available for purchase worldwide, as the first Hot Wheels x Polestar vehicle to be produced as part of a broader collaboration with Polestar production models.

Submission requirements:

Utilize two pages as a blank canvas to showcase your design masterpiece from various angles, incorporating an interior view. Inject creativity into your presentation and contemplate situating your creation within a Hot Wheels ecosystem for enhanced context. Capture the essence of your design by delving into both its exterior and interior details. Ensure that your submission spans across two pages, a template will be provided on the submission page.

Format: 1920x1080 px, jpg or png.

The template to use will be accessible to download when submissions open on March 5th.

Evaluation Criteria:

Submissions will be judged by a panel comprised of the Polestar Design team lead by Head of Design Maximilian Missoni, with support from Senior Interior Design Manager Juan Pablo Bernal, Car Design Research Director Sam Livingstone and representatives from the Hot Wheels design team. Each submission will be judged based on the following criteria:

how successfully the design meets the design brief
how well it merges the design DNA of Polestar and Hot Wheels together in an exciting vision for the future

the technical quality of the design itself.

Who may enter?

The contest is open to all professional and student designers over the age of 18. Contestants must not have any previous commitments which prevent them from submitting new designs for this contest.


The first prize winner will have their design recreated as a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels collectible. The die-cast car will become part of the Hot Wheels range, available for retail purchase, and will be the first Polestar created by the 55-year old American brand as part of a wider partnership involving other models in Polestar’s range. The winner will also receive a tablet to assist with their studies or professional life as well as a selection of exclusive merchandise.

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