Ro Plastic Prize 2023

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Ro Plastic Prize 2023

Ro Plastic Prize 2023 now is over!

Ro Plastic Prize 2023: Rossana Orlandi recently has launched the 5th edition of its Ro Plastic Prize 2023, one of the initiatives by GUILTLESSPLASTIC, to challenge and inspire the design community all over the world who are passionate about creating extraordinary impact proposing solving projects in the field of re-Waste.

Short description

The Ro Plastic Prize is the international award of RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC that aims to involve an increasingly broad public challenging worldwide communities of designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, startuppers, change makers, creators, scientists, researchers, developers and communication experts who are passionate about creating extraordinary impact proposing solving projects in the field of re-Waste.

For the 2023 edition, the Ro Plastic Prize launches three new categories representing common high priority issues, involving re-Waste. Applicants are invited to propose projects to one or more of the categories and may submit pre-existing works and/or those submitted to other competitions.

Applicants are invited to propose solutions to one or more of the categories and they can apply with projects already existing and/or submitted to other competitions.

The International Jury composed of professionals and experts will select the winners, one for each category, who will receive a prize during the Award Ceremony. During the Milano Design Week, the Ro Plastic Prize Finalists will be the protagonists of a special exhibition curated by Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni.

Exhibition of the Finalist Projects during Milano Design Week is scheduled for 17th – 23rd Aprile 2023.

Submission requirements:

In the application phase, projects must be submitted as sketches, photos, drawings, renderings or videos, appropriate to convey the scope of the project.

Projects for the Art and Collectibles Category must be exclusively made from re-used, recycled or up-cycled plastic and the selected finalists are required to present their projects with prototypes in scale.

Please submit all material (slideshow, presentation, videos, images, …) as specifically requested in the application form as well as all information to properly evaluate the project presented. The maximum upload file size for each photo is 2MB and videos should be submitted through a link to a YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Evaluation Criteria:

Each submission will be evaluated by the Prize’s International Jury, according to each category, on the following parameters: aesthetic, innovation, functionality, environmental and social impact, sustainability and responsibility criteria, dissemination capacity, empowerment of the quality of life, energy saving, targeted education/training, purposeful learning, promotion of innovative culture, sense of cooperation, creation of collective belonging, capacity to inspire.

Who may enter?

The >STRONG>Ro Plastic Prize>/STRONG> is open to >STRONG>creative talents>/STRONG> from all countries, backgrounds, curricula and ages. Parental consent is required if the applicant is a minor at the time of registration.


The winners of each category will receive a prize of 10.000€.

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