SIT Furniture Design Awards 2022

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SIT Furniture Design Awards 2022

SIT Furniture Design Awards 2022 now is over!

SIT Furniture Design Awards 2022: SIT Furniture Design Awards, competition that recognize, celebrate, and promote brilliant international Furniture Designers, Brands, Manufacturers, Emerging talents as well as Visionaries enhancing our daily life with innovation, has been recenlty announced by Farmani Group.

Short description

SIT Furniture Design Awards, organised by Farmani Group now is calling for entries!

SIT Furniture Design Awards exists to recognize, celebrate, and promote brilliant international Furniture Designers, Brands, Manufacturers, Emerging talents as well as Visionaries enhancing our daily life with innovation. SIT focuses on “Seat and Beyond”, rewarding strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making great equipment.

With 11 categories represented and 109 subcategories, SIT is one of the most comprehensive furniture design competitions, uniting creativity, and innovation.

This award is a powerful cross-disciplinary platform from which to promote your Furniture Design and your Design with Furniture to a truly international market.

Submission requirements:

entries can be submitted as conceptual designs, in progress, or as completed projects. The only restriction is that entries or completed projects must be no more than 5 years old

the entry description is one of the most essential parts of your submission, so make your description engaging and interesting; keep it succinct, but still, give as much information as possible; share the original idea for the design, the creative trigger, how it contributes to society or local communities, etc.

you can upload up to 10 images with each entry. Select some images that give an overall view of the product design, and others which are close-up picture.

images can be saved as JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg) or PNG (.png). One image is for the cover photo to identify the entry and the remaining 9 are supporting images of the entry. Images must not exceed 4MB per file and a minimum of 1000 pixels wide.

you can also upload a PDF file with any additional project details, 3D drawings, product specifications, business plans, or any other information

Evaluation Criteria:

Innovation - does the product provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing product?
Aesthetics - form, shape, color, texture, finishing, the material used, etc.
Functionality - ease of use, safety, maintenance, etc.
Ergonomics - the product’s interaction with the user
Durability - the quality and longevity of the design
Impact - the benefit delivered to the user and/or society by the product
Utility - does the product meet the intended purpose and needs of the user?
Ecological compatibility - potential environmental and/or ecological impact
The reality of production - how realistic is it, technically and economically, to develop and market this product large-scale?
Emotional quotient - in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does the product create a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction?

Who may enter?

The prize is open to submissions on a global level, accepting entries from Designers and Emerging Talent from all around the world.


The SIT Furniture Design Award has created a digital “Innovation Center” focusing every year on 3 topics to highlight invention, look at today’s challenges, and how to overcome them. The winner of the “Innovation Center” will receive a cash prize of USD 4000 to realize a prototype or start the production.

Winner will receive the SIT Awards Trophy, a digital copy of the Annual SIT Catalogue featuring the Furniture Design, the winning product/furniture will be promoted in a newsletter to 100,000 design professionals and potential clients worldwide, receiving coverage on the organiser website throughout the year.
Winner will be also invited to the Bi-Annual SIT Winner event and will receive the certificate of achievement.

Entry fees:

Professional entry cost $220 and student entry cost $110. A 50% discount is offered when entering your design in additional sub-categories.

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