Stremio Fan Art Contest

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Stremio Fan Art Contest

Stremio Fan Art Contest now is over!

Stremio Fan Art Contest: Stremio recently has released its first art contest that challenge their growing community of professional and amateur artist to create an original piece of art illustrating the question 'What’s Stremio to you?'.

Short description

This is the realy first art contest organised by Stremio that challenge their growing community of professional or amateur artist to create an original piece of art illustrating the question What’s Stremio to you?

Whether you are a professional or an amateur artist; whether you love to capture facial expressions and paint realistic or fantasy characters, placed in natural, urban, or fictional environments, or you rather experiment with shapes, light, or colors and expressing your vision in an abstract atmosphere; this invitation is for you! Now is the time to show organiser your inner purple!

Stremio already has more than 15 million users enjoying all the video content available. Show organiser in what way Stremio or their mascot Stremurrr the Cat changed your daily life! In your art, organsier want to see how you are inspired by the boundless potential of what Stremio can offer to make everyone’s watching experience greater.

Have you been inspired by a movie you saw on Stremio? Or by the color purple?

Create an original piece of art illustrating what Stremio means to you. Just pick your medium and express that purple side of you. Show Organiser your original style and views on the matter.

You can use other colors too, not just purple. Go wild with the greens and reds and yellows and so on. You’ll get bonus points if you manage to invent a new color.

While the focus of the contest is digital art, organiser would love to see you express your Stremio fan-ness in photography, sculpture, origami or pasta art (but, like, real’ good pasta art, ok?).

Your entry must be provided as a link/URL to a high quality image, which can be a public post in a social media account or a web portfolio (such as r/Art, DeviantArt, Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Imgur, etc.).

Evaluation Criteria:

Relevance of the artwork;
Overall emotional impact of the entry;
Technical excellence;
Visual quality;
Originality and artistic skill;

The winners will be announced on July 5, 2021.

Who may enter?

The Art Contest is open to all participants ages 18 and over.


The top artists (a first, second and third place, and a community prize) will share a juicy prize pool of $5,000 payable in Paypal or Bitcoin, in case winners prefer cryptocurrency.

Entry fees

There is no entry fee to participate!

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