Tactical Urbanism NOW! Competition

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Tactical Urbanism NOW! Competition

Tactical Urbanism NOW! Competition now is over!

Tactical Urbanism NOW! Competition: TerraViva has opened registration for the Tactical Urbanism NOW! Competition, open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone interested in the transformation of the contemporary urban space.

Short description

Tactical Urbanism NOW! Competition has been recently opened as a new branch of TerraViva Workshop, an international didactic platform active since 2015, under the guidance of professor Richard Ingersoll and in partnership with Politecnico di Milano university. This new section proposes a series of design competitions in line with the topics addressed throughout the past years in the architecture workshops.

Mainly directed to students, young creatives and professionals, TerraViva Competitions works as a cultural hub focused on innovative ideas linked to design, architecture and urbanism.

The challenge of this competition is to encourage participants to imagine a city where public space goes beyond the traditional conception of a park, a square or a street. The idea is to experiment with new urban scenarios which are able to promote social exchange, community activities and citizens interaction through the implementation of multi-functional designs.

Following the principles of Tactical Urbanism, participants are therefore asked to propose innovative and unconventional projects able to improve the current conditions of public spaces.

If the question is how to do it, then modularity and flexibility of use might be strategic aspects that can help you to come up with interesting ideas! How the same space could allow different functions according to the program of the day? How can a space meet different needs according to the requirements of the potential users?

Use your imagination and propose a concept that takes urban space into another level, transforming it to become more playful, lively and welcoming.


The concept of “public space” includes a large number of possibilities within a city: streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, corners, seats, bus stops, playgrounds, parking lots and many more.

Participants are free to choose their own site and encouraged to be creative and innovative when it comes to the decision of where to locate their project.

Participants are required to submit the 2 x A2 panels (landscape oriented) + a brief text describing the proposal (max. 250 words) only digitally. Diagrams, sketches, 3D visualizations, plans and sections, collages, model photos, etc… All kinds of graphic representations will be accepted.

The jury members, chosen from well known academic institutions and international firms, are highly qualified to evaluate the proposals thanks to their specialized knowledge and experience in design and architecture.

Judging criteria:

Originality of the concept;
Flexibility and multi-functionality;
Creative regeneration of the context;
Social impact of the proposal;
Use of “Tactical” techniques;
Graphic representation;

Projects that express a special sensitivity towards tactical design and quality architectural solutions will be highly appreciated. Reaching deep technical-constructive details will not be considered extremely important in the evaluation process.

The winners will be announced on December 21st.

Entry fees:

Early registration (15th June — 15th September, 2020): 59 Euro
Standard registration (16th September — 15th November, 2020): 89 Euro
Late registration (16th November — 29th November, 2020): 119 Euro

Who may enter?

This competition is open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone interested in the transformation of the contemporary urban space. Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.


A total of 4,000 Euro will be awarded in cash prizes, of which 2,000 Euro are reserved for the 1st Prize. The 2nd Prize is 1,000 Euro and the 3rd Prize, 500 Euro. 2 Gold Mentions of 250 Euro each, will also be announced. In addition, 10 Honorable Mentions and 30 Finalists will be selected.

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