The Hand & Lock Prize For Embroidery 2022 Competition

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The Hand & Lock Prize For Embroidery 2022 Competition

The Hand & Lock Prize For Embroidery 2022 Competition now is over!

The Hand & Lock Prize For Embroidery 2022 Competition: The Hand & Lock Prize For Embroidery 2022, international competition has been recently announced for entries inviting embroiderers, students and enthusiasts anywhere in the world to participate.

Short description

Established in 2000 to promote the fine art of embroidery, the annual Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery is now a global competition for aspiring embroidery students and designers, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents and gain vital exposure and experience.

The aim of this prize is to promote the use of hand embroidered surface embellishment within the fashion, costume & textile industries. Organizer provides artists, students, practitioners and enthusiasts with a platform to connect with other industry bodies; in turn gaining exposure, improving embroidery techniques and keeping the age old tradition moving forward in the modern world.

The theme for this year competition is 'The New Nature'.

The 2022 Hand & Lock brief wants you to take inspiration from the power of nature. Evolution, adaption, biomimicry, texture, colour, craft and sustainable practices. Be innovative and imagine a future where humans learn from nature to live in harmony with nature.

There are two categories - Student Category and Open Category and two types of entry:

Fashion: entrants should design a fashion garment that takes inspiration from the Prize brief. Your submission should showcase your design skill as well as your ability to embroider.

Textile Art: entrants should examine the brief and produce an object that showcases their embroidery skills. The object could be a piece of jewellery, an artistic sculpture, an embroidered tapestry, a piece for home interior design etc.

Submission requirements:

The images of your work must be clear, unretouched, high resolution JPEGs accompanied by images that show your research and concept

Evaluation Criteria:

The judges will be looking for ‘Wow Factor’, embroidery talent and interpretation of the brief.

Who may enter?

Open to embroiderers, students and enthusiasts anywhere in the world. To qualify for the Student Category you must be in full or part time higher education at the time of registration.


The winners in each category will be awarded with 3,500 USD as a top prize, six months subscription to Selvedge magazine, a prize bundle of industry standard threads from Madeira and a weekend course at Hand & Lock.

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