The Tiny House Competition 2021

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The Tiny House Competition 2021

The Tiny House Competition 2021 now is over!

The Tiny House Competition 2021: Impact Design Competitions recently has announced its The Tiny House 2021, international competition inviting you to envision and create an innovative sustainable solution that maximizes usable space in a minimum footprint.

Short description

Impact Design Competitions recently has announced its The Tiny House 2021 Competitions, inviting you to envision and create an innovative sustainable solution that maximizes usable space in a minimum footprint.

A “home” is a space that is intimate to all. Apart from being our safe haven, a home goes beyond its everyday function of being a shelter for its users and their activities; it connects with each of us on an emotional and personal level. As time evolves, the definition of “home” also keeps changing. The 21st century witnessed concepts like Airbnb, Co-Living, Smart Homes, Tiny Homes, etc. gaining popularity with both young and older generations alike sparking movements across the globe. Our Humble Adobe has witnessed transformations with rapid advancements in technology, the rise of efficient spaces, environmental and financial concerns, and growing needs & desires of the people living in them.

Over the past two years, most of the world’s population has retreated to their homes for the majority so as to survive and embrace a more resourceful means of living. This scenario has presented designers with a unique opportunity to redefine the idea of a “Home”. The inclination of the users to follow simpler and efficient ways of living, coupled with rapid development in technology and materials, has paved the way for a great opportunity to create a versatile and innovative personal space.
The Tiny House Movement celebrates the concept of simple, yet resourceful living. The homes can be designed to re-imagine sustainability through the innovation of maximum usable space in a minimum footprint.

What is a Tiny House?

Tiny Houses are dwelling units on a small scale. Living in the Tiny House is a conscious choice of the user to live in a small yet cleverly designed space and with innovative technologies and unique character of the design.
The Tiny Houses are ideally under 50 sqm of high-quality functionality. They can be mobile and off-grid. The houses generally serve as single-family residences.

What organizer is searching for?

Participants are to design a Tiny House for 2 people that would provide comfortable living accommodation. The design and concept of the house should be innovative, creative and sustainable. The relation between the house’s interiors and exterior surroundings should be taken into consideration. The proposed solution should be based on a strong concept. The area of the house must not exceed 250 sq. ft. Adaptability is a vital aspect of all the designs. The house should respond to the ever-changing needs of its users and the site context it sits in.

The designed solution may not be limited to a site, but it can be designed as a versatile module or to be mobile. The participants would be needed to provide a justification for the same.

The interior spaces should include: Living Area, Sleeping Area for 2, Cooking and Dining Area, Toilet, Workspace and any other aspect the participant wishes to add.

Evaluation Criteria:

The innovation and originality in design with respect to the client selected by the participants.
The selected site for the design proposal and response to context. Site justification will play an important role in evaluation.
The overall functionality and spatial design. The allotment of the required spaces and their configuration.
The responsiveness of the design with respect to the physical and emotional needs of the client.

Who may enter?

Participants can be architects, interior designers, students and freelancers, designers, etc. It is not mandatory for the participants and teams to be from an Architecture background.


A total of $10,000 will be awarded to the best three projects – $5,000 are reserved for the First Prize. Honorable Mentions will also be selected and awarded. In addition to the money prizes, winning works will be awarded with certificates and publication.

Entry fees:

During the Early Bird Registrations (until 28th October) the cost of entry fee is $75. After that period ends the amount of the fee will increase.

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