Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition

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Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition

Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition now is over!

Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition: The Tiny House Movement, organized by magazine Volume Zero seeks to revamp the notions of a home, one’s personal sanctuary through innovations in design and technology with aim to celebrate individuality, redefine sustainability and exalt simple, resourceful living.

Short description

The Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition has been recently organized by magazine ’Volume Zero’ inviting everyone worldwide to participate.

Home is a space that is intimate to all of us. A home goes beyond its everyday function of being a physical shelter for people and their activities; a home connects with its users at a personal and emotional level.

Our humble abodes are being redefined with every passing day. The world is changing constantly, and along with it, our homes are seeing us spend more time within them. The built form of a home is evolving rapidly; its design adapting to various other needs that were not limited to this space before. Homes today are versatile entities – doubling up as offices, play areas, work-out zones, spaces for interaction and recreation, as also being an abode for our furry friends and providing for their needs.
With the environmental and financial setbacks that we face today in the dawn of a new pandemic age, the desire to have more freedom has led people to follow simpler and efficient ways of living. Today, the home has become our shield – protecting its inhabitants from a virus, while providing them with the basic necessities for survival. Now with everyone spending almost all of their time indoors, this scenario has presented designers with an opportunity to redefine the idea of “home”. The inclination of the users to follow simpler and efficient ways of living, coupled with a rapid development in technology and materials, there is a great opportunity to create a versatile and innova-tive personal space.

The Tiny House Movement, once again, celebrates the concept of simple, yet resourceful living. The homes can be designed to re-imagine sustainability through the innovation of maximum usable space in a minimum footprint. The Tiny House Movement seeks to revamp the notions of a home, one’s personal sanctuary through innovations in design and technology. The competition aims to celebrate individuality, redefine sustainability and exalt simple, resourceful living.


The design of the Tiny House should be innovative and creative, with a sustainable edge. The relation between the exterior surroundings and interior spaces must be taken into consideration. The proposed design should be well-conceptualized.

The area of the proposed Tiny House should not exceed 300 sq. ft. Mobility being a vital factor, the house need not be self-mobile, but should be treated as an extension that can be towed easily by a car or pickup truck. However, the participants can avoid the issue of mobility altogether by providing a strong justification for the same.

The Interior Spaces should include the following:

1. Living Area
2. Sleeping Area for 2
3. Cooking and Dining Area
4. Toilet space
5. Workspace
6. Recreation space
7. Any other function that the participant wishes to add to the Tiny House

Client Interaction is one of the critical components of the design proposal. For the purpose of this competition, entrants may assume an individual, couple, or a genre of people, based on the design concept.

Submission requirements:

Building / Site sections which illustrate key aspects and major spatial or programmatic elements.
Floor plans to show the interior spatial arrangements and program.
Large scale drawings that illustrate innovative details or integrated aspects of design.
Three dimensional representations explaining the design, perspectives and montages which display the character of the project.
Elevations demonstrating qualities such as material, texture, and colour.
All drawings should be presented at a scale appropriate for the design solution and include a graphic scale for reference.

The Winners will be announced on 4th February 2021.

Entry Fees:

Early Bird Registrations (14th August 2020 to 22nd October 2020):
Participants from India – 1800+18% GST = INR 2124 (per team)
Participants from Other Countries - 70 + 18% GST = USD 82.6 (per team)

Standard Registrations (23rd October 2020 to 25th November 2020):
Participants from India – 2400 + 18% GST = INR 2832 (per team)
Participants from Other Countries – 85 + 18% GST = USD 100.3 (per team)

Who may enter?

The Tiny House 2020 Architecture Competition is open to all architects, students, engineers, product designers, thinkers, companies, organizations and everyone interested in the mission of the competition to submit their ideas. No professional qualifications are necessary.


1st Prize: USD 2000 + Certificate + Publication
2nd Prize: USD 1200 + Certificate + Publication
3rd Prize: USD 800 + Certificate + Publication
10 Honorable mentions: Certificates

Winners and Honorable Mentions will be published on Volume Zero website and several international architecture and design magazines. All the participants would receive a participation certificate.

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