Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2021

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Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2021

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2021 now is over!

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2021: Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award 2021, an international photography competition and exhibition organised in Nuenen, Netherlands, now is calling for entries inviting anyone worldwide to participate.

Short description

The Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2021 recently opened for entries is an international photography competition and exhibition organised in Nuenen, Netherlands, the hometown of Vincent Van Gogh.

This year the theme of the competition is ’Pure’. An inspiring theme with many creative possibilities and freedom, and certainly something that plays in the present time. Think out of the box, just like Vincent used to do. Surprise everyone! Let the camera be your paintbrush.

The title of this event is a tribute to Vincent. He recorded with a brush, what he saw and experienced. You can do this through the lens of the camera, because maybe your picture hangs in the living and working world of Vincent in his period in Nuenen! Let your inspiration as a photographer take its course.

In addition to the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award, this edition will also include a competition for students.

Submission requirements:

The photo(s) must fit within the theme: "PURE" (through the eyes of Vincent van Gogh)
Image Manipulation, given the adding or removing of certain picture elements so that the content of the photo changes, is not allowed. Light editing is allowed.
Only digital photo(s) can be accepted. Each picture file is to be enclosed in RGB, JPG format, ofat least 3000 pixels (longest side), 300 dpi, and a file size of at least 2MB and preferably not more than 4MB. Max. Three (3) Single Digital Images per Entry will be accepted. You may enter as many entries as you like.

During the fall of 2021, all winning entries will be exposed during an outdoor exhibition in the center of the city of Nuenen, Netherlands.

Who may enter?

Participation in this event is open to everyone (amateur and professional) worldwide.


The photos of the finalists and the winnerswill be published on the website including attribution and jury comments as well as during the "Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award” outdoor exhibition.

Vincent van Gogh Photo Award:
1st prize: 1,000 EUR
2nd prize: 500 EUR
3rd prize: 250 EUR

Student Award:
1st prize: 500 EUR
2nd prize: 250 EUR
3rd prize: 125 EUR

Entry fees:

The entry fee starts from 5 EUR. Entry fees will be donated to the charity: UNICEF–WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) program.

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