Zero Hero Competition

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Zero Hero Competition

Zero Hero Competition now is over!

Zero Hero Competition: Mediatree is very excited to announce the very first ZeroHero Design Competition challenging participants to design Mascot/character aimed to promote their sustainability project known as GreenerRoadshowsTM.

Short description

For this competition, you need to design a character that represents what Mediatree do at GreenerRoadshowsTM. The character will be an identity for sustainability and a champion for net zero emissions.

Sustainability is an issue we take seriously at Mediatree. We take steps to ensure that our environmental impact is minimised and that our social impact is maximised. This competition was created to engage with you and everyone in the artistic community about sustainability in the industry. We also hope that is can serve as an opportunity to build your portfolio and gain experience. The submissions will be judged by an internal GreenerRoadshowsTM panel consisting of the directors of the company, the sustainability team, and the internal graphic designer.

You can submit your designs to with your name and brief background.

Who may enter?

Anyone with a passion for the environment and/or a talent for design and illustration can participate in this competition.


1st place: £500 prize money, referenced in promotional materials
2nd Place: £250 prize money
3rd place: £100 prize money

Top 3 winners will receive a certificate signed by the CEO as a token of appreciation and confirmation of participation.

Top entries will receive mentions in social media pages and on their blog page to showcase the talents of the competitors.

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