1st International Poster Exhibition - Posterist

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1st International Poster Exhibition - Posterist

1st International Poster Exhibition - Posterist now is over!

1st International Poster Exhibition - Posterist: The Department of Graphic Design, a unit of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, is accepting entries to the 1st International Posterist Exhibition competition, themed “Non Discrimination“.

Short description

The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University Graphic Design Department is accepting entries to the 1st International Posterist Exhibition competition, themed “Non Discrimination“.

People are not all alike…

In recent years, our expectations, dreams, and concerns are now very different from the past. Today, health, environment, economy, socio-cultural problems, and many similar issues affect our daily lives deeply; they change us. As just one of the problems peculiar to this age, with the widespread use of communication tools, relationships also become virtual. As a result, while people come together on social media, they also become individualized and experience unexpected conflicts and separations. For this reason, by centralizing a unifying concept – nondiscriminate, we invited designers from different countries to share their social and individual perspectives through their posters to take a closer look at the events that affect us. We believe that what we need in today’s world is to listen carefully and understand each other better.
The International Posterist Exhibition will be repeated every year with different themes, different perspectives from different parts of the world.

The works will be evaluated on digital environment by the juries. Works deemed suitable for exhibition will be published on the website on May 23, 2022.

Submission requirements:

Designs can be made in any technique. The works uploaded to the website should have 50x70cm. dimensions, 300 dpi resolution and JPEG format.

Each applicant can participate with a maximum of 3 posters.

Submitted designs must not have been exhibited, published or awarded anywhere before

A verbal message (title, slogan, etc.) that supports the visual design can be used on the posters. The language of the messages to be used on the designs participating in the exhibition can be Turkish or one of the local languages of the participants. However, if one of the local languages is used, the English version must also be present.

Who may enter?

The designers who will participate in the exhibition do not need to be fine arts students or graduates. The work of every designer who fulfills the technical conditions determined within the concept, regardless of any age range, will be evaluated.


The best poster designs will be exhibited online and awarded with certificates.

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