BeStillMedia March-April 2022 Contest

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BeStillMedia March-April 2022 Contest

BeStillMedia March-April 2022 Contest now is over!

BeStillMedia March-April 2022 Contest: Be Still Media is a nonprofit organization that was created during the lockdown, to incentivize content for creatives and culture through bi-monthly competitions throughout the calendar year.

Short description

Be Still Media Contest mission is to champion creators of media and arts for works that search the mind and spark the imagination, inviting us to understand what we value and how that affects the way we live.

This mission is being launched while the world is at once still, in the lockdown of the coronavirus. This contests are held bi-monthly all year long. There are endless discoveries of gratitude and hope happening in a captive world. Images and words that are generously other-focused can be powerful forces in shaping our thinking and in transforming our priorities. We will promote incentive competitions that draw on ideas of character and the meaning of life.

Organizer is acceping all kinds of media and arts that have not been monetized on other platforms, including photography, drawings/paintings, cartoons, music/songs, illustrations, poetry/prose, essays, videos/film, animation, journal entries, or anything other medium you find creative!

You may enter submissions as many as you want, however, judges will evaluate quality, not quantity.

Your work should be:

Original work that engages the prompt
Any licensed or stock material must be attributed
Works that have not been monetized on other platforms
Works should be no longer than a five minute experience

Submission requirements:

You must be able to link your entry to a URL. Upload your work on a website or hosting service such as Vimeo, Dropbox, Google drive, portfolio, or any URL that is easily accessible and please make sure the link is public before submitting.

You can link your work straight to your portfolio. Just be sure the URL links straight to your submission.

Recommended format in a Google drive or dropbox folder:

– Artwork
– Cover art
– Artist statement: title, creative process, explanation on how your submission relates to the prompt; details if applicable (dimensions/medium)

Evaluation Criteria:

They will judge much like critics evaluate music, film, literature, etc.
They will consider the quality of the work based on how it impacts them (ie. creativity, storytelling).
They will consider how the idea responds to the prompt.

Who may enter?

All artists are wellcome. Part-time or full-time students, freelancers, and creatives. Pretty much welcome anyone, from anywhere, of any age. Individuals or teams can apply.


1st place: $6000 USD award
2nd place: $3000 USD award
3rd place: $1000 USD award

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