LensCulture Portrait Awards 2023

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LensCulture Portrait Awards 2023

LensCulture Portrait Awards 2023 now is over!

LensCulture Portrait Awards 2023: LensCulture Portrait Awards 2023, an international photo competition recently opened for entries every year seeking the best portrait photography, open to all points of view, all levels of expertise and all ideas of portraiture.

Short description

LensCulture Portrait Awards 2023 has been recently opened for entries in its 10th edition, seeking the best portrait photography from all the corners of the world, open to everything, all points of view, all levels of expertise and all ideas of portraiture.

LensCulture is on a mission to discover the most imaginative, talented, creative photographers out there, regardless of location, age, background or experience level. This year, organiser aim to discover and reward 35 photographers who are making exceptional photographic portraits today.

There are two categories: Photo Series and Single Image.

These awards are open to photographers at all levels of experience, and all genres of portraiture are welcome — from fine art to spontaneous selfies, from hyper-perfect photoshopped portraits to seductive (and often fictitious) social media profile pics, to mobile phone snaps altered with digital nostalgia filters. Some are candid, some are staged, some are outrageous and silly, others are just plain beautiful.

All entrants must be able to supply high-resolution images suitable for printing in media, and for public exhibition.

Winning photographers will be exhibited at a gallery in New York during The Photography Show, the eminent photo fair that brings together hundreds of galleries, publishers and collectors, as well as an ambitious program of exhibitions, conversations, artist book signings and curated fair events.

Submission requirements:

For best results, upload the highest-quality JPEGs, sized a minimum of 1200 pixels on the longest side but up to 2000 pixels is even better. Maximum size is 10MB. The file name should be under 50 characters.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to everyone, from professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs and passionate beginners.


Series Award Winners:

1st Place: 3,500 USD
2nd Place: 2,000 USD
3rd Place: 1,500 USD

Single Image Award Winners:

1st Place: 2,000 USD
2nd Place: 1,000 USD
3rd Place: 500 USD

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