Sunny Art Prize 2021

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Sunny Art Prize 2021

Sunny Art Prize 2021 now is over!

Sunny Art Prize 2021: The Sunny Art Prize 2021, one of the UK’s most prestigious international art competitions hosted by Sunny Art Centre (London), recently has opened the call for applications accepting submissions from around the world.

Short description

The Sunny Art Prize has established itself as one of the UK’s most prestigious international art competitions. The scope of this contemporary art prize is about sourcing the most talented artists from all over the world, both established and emerging ones, who produce ground-breaking and innovative artworks.

Organiser select artists who work with a wide range of media, making the art prize a varied and stimulating global platform to engage with critical contemporary issues and topics.

All 2D work such as painting, drawing, projected videos (including moving images and installation) must be 120x120cm in size max.

All three-dimensional work, including sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media artworks, must be 80x80x80cm max in size. Installation art (whether made of mixed media or digital) must be assembled on-site at the exhibiting location and can reach 100x100x100cm max.

The announcement of the 30 shortlisted artists for the 2021 edition will be announced on July 10th.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to everyone from around the world. You must be at least 18 years old to enter the competition.


The 1st prize winner will receive 3,000 GBP, 2nd prize winner will receive 2,000 GBP and 3rd prize winner will receive 1,000 GBP.
This art contest also gives the art prize-winners the chance to experience a one-month artist residency in China.

All the shortlisted artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Sunny Art Centre, London. Moreover, the winners, alongside seven other artists chosen from the shortlist, have the chance to exhibit their work with partnering galleries in China.

Entry fees:

Entry fees starts from 25 GBP for one artwork.

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